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Private Label Ink vs. OEM

Posted by Kelly Wu on

At Office Buggy, we consider customer service just as important as making sales. That’s why we offer three types of ink; Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), Premium, and Private Label. We want our clients to have different options to choose from and to find the ink that best suits their business. Now, let’s dive into the three options. What is OEM? OEM ink is created by the original printer manufacturer. For instance, if Lexmark made a printer they would also make the cartridge that would go perfectly with it. Every aspect of the cartridge is made to work flawlessly with the...

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How to Overcome the Challenges of Creating a Website

Posted by Timothy Higashi on

After a long day of work, the last thing you want to do is deal with the complications of creating the perfect website for your business. You’re good at doing your job, but that doesn’t mean you’re suddenly, a web programmer. Plus, you must consider all the different factors of building a website, from cost to simply the number of pages you need. Even thinking about it can make you a little stressed out. But don’t panic yet, read through this post and I promise you’ll be excited to start working on your website. This guide is going to thoroughly...

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Our story

Posted by Timothy Higashi on

The name Office Buggy is new, but rest assured that we have been around for years in the industry.  We're here because we can do it better than the rest.  Office Buggy has been dedicated to building a business based on a solid foundation of relationships, trust, and reliability.  We saw an opportunity in Canada that was scarce.  Providing a one-stop-shop to our customers but at the same time influencing a green and sustainable offering to our customers without disrupting any change is something that makes us proud. It starts with an idea... Like many new businesses it starts with an idea.  Many years...

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