Keurig Omni Pure Filter Starter Kit #75-05572

Keurig Omni Pure Filter Starter Kit #75-05572



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Keurig Omni Pure Filter Starter Kit is everything you need to install your plumb-in Keurig brewer. Can be used for; B150, B145, B155, B200, B3000 and will fit new models K150, K150P, K155, K3000.

  • Item #: OBEKEUB3000FILKIT
  • Service Life: 1250 Gal/6mo.
  • KQ8 - Intended for taste and chorine with scale inhibitor.
  • Kit includes: head with bracket, filter cartridge, inlet ball valve and angle stop valve.
  • 15 feet tubing.
  • Filtration: 10 Micron.
  • Kit for Keurig® machine usage.
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