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Add Package Details
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Step 1/5: Enter Pickup Address

Step 2/5: Enter Delivery Address

Step 3/5: Package Details

Width (in) Height (in) Length (in) Weight (lb) Remove

Step 4/5: Choose Shipping Service

Carrier Service Est. Transit Days Subtotal Tax ({{taxRate*100}})% Total Choose
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Step 5/5: Payment Details


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1. On the office buggy menu, click Ship Parce
2. Enter your “Pickup Address” and “Delivery Address” addresses
3. Next, enter your shipment weight and dimensions or add multiple packages, then click “Next”.
4. Here, you’ll see our list of competitive rates from trusted carriers. You’ll be able to see the carrier, service, estimated transit time, a breakdown of charges, and the total price.
5. Select the rate you prefer then click “Choose” when you’re ready to make your shipment.
6. Once you’ve selected a rate, enter payment details and click “Pay” button.
7. You’ll find your shipping label on the next page. You can print this now or later in your orders page.
8. Once you stick the label to your package, you’re ready to ship it out.

1. If you haven’t made a shipment already, go ahead and do so.
2. Once you are on step 1, Enter pickup address, there is checkbox to schedule pickup.
3. Check the checkbox and you'll see additional fields for details.
4. Fill in the details and pickup will be scheduled

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With Office Buggy you can book domestic and global courier (small parcel) shipping. You can also ship skids/pallets anywhere in North America, excluding Mexico (up to 6 skids or 12 stackable).

For pricing on full truckload (FTL), international air skids, warehousing or any other logistics activity not on Office Buggy, please contact your account representative or email [email protected].

For further assistance check out our website.

No, one of the benefits of using Office Buggy is that you get to use our preferred rates whether you ship one or a hundred!

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You can begin shipping immediately.

For further assistance check out our website.

Absolutely, your shipments are traceable every step of the way through your tracking link.

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Yes, you can receive instant quotes for any type of shipment whether it’s a courier, air freight, trucking or expedited service.

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Yes, we can warehouse your stock, pick and pack your products and fulfill your orders directly from our facility. This can be integrated with your online website or existing call center order-taking infrastructure.

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